More than just pasta

Lasagna is more than just a pasta dish

We wanted to provide some information on our Melbourne Event Blog and decided to focus on this pre busy period on our lasagna. 

So everyone has a memory of the first time they put a yummy piece of lasagne in their lips and just thought – WOW !! What more do I need !!

We supply Melbourne these days with lasagna via clubs, corporate events and thousands of home parties.

Let lasagne be your problem solver for the rest of the year.

Has someone invited you over to a family event and you don’t know what to bring?

Does work need a no fuss lunch that can’t involve preparation or clean up? 

Our lasagna is a problem solver for thousands of people.

Simply contact us and let us know how many you need and when you need it for.

Organising an event feed is as easy as that.

Don’t worry if you have dietary requirements, as we can custom make all kinds of lasagne to your specific needs.


Thanks for reading


Bruno Condello